Infertility and Childlessness Research




A particular area of interest for me is that of Infertility and Childlessness.


My Masters Thesis was on couples who are involuntary childless with unexplained infertility. This subject was also part of the Doctorate that I completed in 2017. If you would like to receive a summary or a copy of my research, please contact me and I will be only too happy to share some of this work with you.


I provide therapy on an individual and couple basis for people experiencing infertility, who are in treatment or have unsuccessfully completed treatment and are trying to come to terms with the deep and complex feelings that arise as a result of what has happened.  Pleast contact me if you would like to discuss these issues further


Infertility Links: -Human Fertilisation Embryology Authority: - Research and information 




If you have found other resources and links that have been useful please feel free to share.

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