USEFUL LINKS AND REFERENCES

Here is a list of resources that I find to be particularly useful and informative. It is by no means exhaustive and if you have your own resources/references etc., which you would like to share please e-mail them to me and if appropriate I will add them to this page. Please be aware that I cannot be responsible for the content of external links.  Last updated 2/1/2020


Governing Bodies for psychological therapies:

British Psychological Society (BPS)

Health Care Professionals Council: - British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP) - British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)  United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP)


General Information:

Free advice, leaflets and guidance:

One of the most comprehensive checklists I have found to use when choosing an counsellor, psychotherapist or psychologist can be found on the following page: ttp://


National Library for Health:


Private GP Services in Chelmsford:


     Therapy References:

      Mindful Self-Compassion:  Dr. Kristin Neff, key research and audio guides  Dr Chris Germer, research, clinical application, audio University of San Diego Centre for Mindful Self-Compassion, central resource for training and research in MSC of Paul Gilbert and associates

Mindfulness:  the Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy site University of Massachusetts

Centre for Mindfulness, Director: S Santorelli

Kabat-Zinn, J. (1990) 'Full catastrophe living'. New York: Delacorte.

Kabat-Zinn J., 2001, Mindfulness meditation for everyday life. Piatkus.

Segal, Z.V., Williams, J.M.G., & Teasdale, J.D., (2002) 'Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy for Depression: a new approach to preventing relapse'. New York, Guilford Press.
Santorelli S., 1999, Heal Thyself: Lessons on Mindfulness in Medicine, Bell. Tower

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy:

Hayes, Steven C., (2005) 'Get Out of Your Mind & Into Your Life'. Oakland CA., New Harbinger Publications Inc.

CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy): - good source of information and therapy

Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre  Royal College of Psychiatry - A positive and user-friendly resource

Support for experiences of child abuse: Specialist information service Support for parents and carers of abused children National Association for the Protection and Care of Children National Association of People Abused in Childhood

Narrative Therapy:

Grief and Bereavement:


Human Fertilisation Embryology Authority:

Research and information:

Support for involuntary childlessness:

Self Harm:

Bristol Crisis Service for Women - despite the name this is a national service offering specialist support, helpline and resources for women who self-harm.

Self-help and support site for self injury

And are a few links that relate to my own philosophy and approach to life: Centre for Alternative Technology Friends of the Earth Fair Trade




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